P3E Update From AMSAT-DL

Update on P3-E and P5 Amateur Radio Satellites

Peter DB2OS has provided an update on progress with the P3-E and the P5 Moon and Mars orbiter Amateur Radio satellites

The High Earth Orbit (HEO) P3-E satellite will act as as an experimental test platform for the AMSAT-P5 Mission(s) to the Moon and Mars.

P5 Missions:
– Design based on updated P3-D concept
– Launch between 2012-2018
– Launcher Ariane 5 GTO or SpaceX GTO
– Moon: 100 x 100 km orbit, inclination T.B.D.
– Mars: 20,000 x 500 km orbit, inclination T.B.D.
– Various payloads (including cameras, penetrators)
– Fuel for 10 year lifetime

Download the PDF to read the full update on these exciting new satellites

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