Watch Venus Transit Online June 5-6

At 22:09 UT on June 5, 2012 the planet Venus will appear as a small, dark disk moving across the face of the Sun. The transit will finish at 04:49 UTC on June 6 (exact time depends on location of observer).

Clouds permiting, it may be visible to observers in the UK from dawn (about 03:46 UT in London).

This will be the last time the planet Venus will make the trek across the face of the sun as seen from Earth until the year 2117.

Note: Observing the Sun directly without appropriate protection can damage or destroy retinal cells, causing temporary or permanent blindness.

Clint Bradford K6LCS has posted a collection of URL’s where you should be able to watch the Venus transit online from sites around the world.



University of Barcelona  (from a telescope in Norway)

National Solar Observatory

Exploratorium  (via the Mauna Loa Observatory)


Coca Cola Space Science Center (from Australia)

Bareket observatory (Israel)

Mt. Lemmon Sky Center

Astronomers Without Borders (from Mt. Wilson, California)

The 2012 Transit of Venus using HAM Radio

Transit of Venus Special Event June 6, 2012

Ultra-high Definition video recording of 2012 Venus Transit