Canadian – Norwegian Student Exchange, Rocket & CubeSat Program

This video provides a short description of the Canada-Norway Student Sounding Rocket (CaNoRock) exchange program and plans for the student CaNoSat sub-orbital CubeSats.

CaNoRock is a partnership between the Universities of Alberta, Calgary and Saskatchewan, the University of Oslo, University of Tromsø, Andøya Rocket Range and NAROM (Norwegian Center for Space Related Education) in Norway. The University of Bergen and University Centre in Svalbard (UNIS) in Norway are currently working to be included in the program.

To further enhance the educational benefits and cooperation between students in the two countries a student satellite program – CaNoSat will be developed to run in parallel and coordinated with the sounding rocket activities. Funding for the necessary student activities like travel and subsistence will be covered by CaNoRock STEP (funded by SIU 2012-2016).

Watch CaNoRock and CaNoSat

CaNoRock, CaNoRock STEP & CaNoSat