UK’s SpaceKate Wins ‘Most Inspiring App’ – International Space Apps Challenge

SpaceKate T-10 AppThe App produced by broadcast journalist Kate Arkless Gray a.k.a. SpaceKate has won the Most Inspiring App category of the International Space Apps Challange.

Radio amateur and former ISS Commander and Chris Hadfield VA3OOG said about the App “Cool idea! A 10-minute alarm would be perfect”.

The app was initially produced over a busy weekend at Space Apps London and consequently won a place in the international judging. The small team, which consists of Kate Arkless Gray, João Neves, Ketan Majmudar and Dario Lofish have continued to develop the app and provisionally hope to launch it in July. Getting the app into the hands of the astronauts may take a little more time, but that is the aim.

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