Google Project Loon Interference Concerns

Google Project Loon Balloon

Google Project Loon Balloon

Concerns have been raised about interference from the 2400 MHz and 5800 MHz transmitters on the Google Project Loon High Altitude Balloons.

Google has launched 30 balloons from New Zealand which transmit wideband 2400 MHz and 5800 MHz signals and concerns have been raised about the interference they could cause to radio astronomy.

The Register reports that when Google engneer Dr Brad Tucker was contacted about the problem Google to said to have identified locations where Loon balloons might interfere with radio astronomy, and shut the transmitters down until they’re out of range.

Google plans to sending up 300 balloons around the world at the southern fortieth parallel that would provide coverage to New Zealand, Australia, Chile, and Argentina.

The company hopes to eventually have thousands of balloons flying in the stratosphere at an altitude of 20 km.

The Amateur and Amateur Satellite Services also use the frequencies that Project Loon is transmitting on.

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