RIT AMSAT Fox-2 Maximum Power Point Tracker Time-Lapse and Final Presentation

AMSAT FOXA time-lapse video of the first of two Maximum Power Point Tracker channels being populated by the Rochester Institute of Technology senior design ground P13271.

The prototype maximum power point tracker used to optimize the power output of the solar panels on the amateur radio Fox-2 satellite was developed in this senior design project.

This time-lapse only shows one side being brought up for the first time, including initial testing and represents 13,739 images taken every 5 seconds by a GoPro HD Hero resulting in a 2.5 minute video showing 19 hours of work by P13271 team-members.

Watch the Time-Lapse video

Rochester Institute of Technology Multidisciplinary Senior Design program team P13271 consisting of electrical engineering students Bryce Salmi (KB1LQC), Brenton Salmi (KB1LQD), Ian MacKenzie (KB3OCF), and Dan Corriero conduct the final project review at the conclusion of Spring Quarter 2013. P13271 designed and built a 7 Watt Maximum Power Point Tracker prototype intended for use on the Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation (AMSAT) Fox-2 satellite, a 3U CubeSat.

Watch P13271 AMSAT Fox-2 MPPT RIT Senior Design Final Presentation

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