KySat-2: Calling all radio hams and space enthusiasts!

Archive image of KySat-1

Archive image of KySat-1

The KySat-2 CubeSat is scheduled for launch as part of the ORS-3/ELaNa-4 mission on November 20 at 00:30 UT.

To help track KySat-2, we have setup a web page to assist radio amateurs. To help decode packets from KySat-2, we have developed software radio amateurs can download and install.  Both are available here:

Initially, the software will support receive-only operation, but after spacecraft checkout, it is intended that the software will also support limited commanding.

We have also created an Advanced Satellite Orbit Tracking Tool to visualize KySat-2’s orbit in real-time:

For more information on general information on KySat-2, visit: and

We appreciate any and all support!

Jason Rexroat KK4AJE
Space Systems Lab, University of Kentucky
Email: jason.rexroat at

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