University of Louisiana CAPE II CubeSat Designated LO-75

CAPE-2 CubeSat - University of Louisiana

CAPE-2 CubeSat – University of Louisiana

OSCAR Number Administrator Bill Tynan, W3XO announced the University of Louisiana’s CAPE II CubeSat has been designated as University of Louisiana OSCAR 75 or LO-75.

Bill wrote to AMSAT mentor Nick Pugh, K5QXJ, and the CAPE II CubeSat team, “I have been able to determine CAPE II has met all of the requirements for an OSCAR number. By the authority vested in me by the AMSAT-NA president, I hereby issue CAPE II the designation University of Louisiana OSCAR 75 or LO-75. I, and all of the amateur satellite community, wish LO-75 the best of success”.

CAPE II operates on 145.825 MHz FM with a CW beacon  with the callsign W5UL, it also includes a digipeater, text to speech operation, a simplex repeater, email and tweet functions. The ground station software can be downloaded from

Watch CAPE-2 Voice beacon when mobile near east coast of India by Nitin Muttin VU3TYG

Ever since the launch of OSCAR 1 in 1961, it has been traditional for amateur radio satellites to carry the name OSCAR, for “Orbiting Satellite Carrying Amateur Radio”. At the request of the original Project OSCAR organization, AMSAT-NA now administers the numbering of OSCAR satellites.

The International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) and AMSAT-NA have adopted the paper Information for Developers of Satellites Planned to Use Frequency Bands Allocated to the Amateur-Satellite Service, which can be found at

The OSCAR Numbers Policy page is at

Source AMSAT News Service (ANS)