Nayif-1 Status Report and New Dashboard

UAE Nayif-1 CubeSatThe Nayif-1 (EO-88) CubeSat has now been in orbit for more than two weeks and all systems continue to operate nominally.

The power budget is positive, the spin/tumble rate is acceptably low, on board temperatures are perfectly okay and, importantly, the educational/amateur transponder switching is taking place autonomously as  planned.

More than 250 stations around the world have provided telemetry to the Nayif Data Warehouse and the FUNcube Team are extremely grateful to them for their invaluable support.

The experts have now formally allocated Catalog Number 42017 to Nayif-1 (EO88) and the TLEs can now be downloaded from Celestrak – TLEs

New Dashboards

The FUNcube Team have now updated the Dashboards for both Nayif-1 and FUNcube-1 so that they display only the telemetry received from the individual spacecraft that they are designed for. This will help users to display only the correct information and graphs and reduce confusion. Whilst they only display the data from ONE spacecraft, they will, as now, receive and decode the data from all FUNcube payloads currently in orbit and automatically submit it to the relevant Data Warehouse.

The new Dashboard for FUNcube-1 (ver 1044) can be downloaded from here: FUNcube Dashboard Installer 1044

The new Dashboard for Nayif-1 (ver 1040) can be downloaded from here: Nayif-1 Dashboard Installer 1040

Additionally some command line parameters have been added to enable the programmes to auto-start with the desired parameters.  These are:


Some notes on how to implement these parameters can be found here: funcube-dashboard-autostart

Nayif-1 Data Warehouse

Ham radio satellite transmits Vice President’s message

Nayif-1 Launched