Satellite News Archive 1985-2004

For many years, Richard Limebear G3RWL prepared monthly bulletins of Amateur Radio Satellite news. They were usually broadcast on the last Sunday of each month, in the AMSAT-UK 80 metre net. They were also distributed via packet radio and as hard copy. Many of the early bulletins were produced before the internet was available. Clive Wallis G3CWV obtained a complete set of these bulletins which were broadcast from May 1985 to July 2004

This is a very detailed and useful archive, especially for research and preparation of lectures. The archive comprises 239 text files, which are zipped into four packages, for convenience. Also included are some reports of the AMSAT-UK Colloquium, and reports about individual satellites.

Clive Wallis G3CWV has renamed the files, so that each one has a unique name, in the format YYYYMMM.TXT eg. 1996MAY.TXT. This allows all the files to be unzipped into a single directory, to permit easy searches for any text string.

We would like to congratulate Richard Limebear G3RWL for a fine achievement in preparing these bulletins and to thank him for granting permission to distribute the archive.





Our thanks to Clive Wallis G3CWV for this page.