Membership and Renewals

Membership of AMSAT-UK is open to anyone who has an interest in Amateur radio satellites/space activities, including the ISS. You do not have to have an amateur radio licence to join (many of our members are interested in listening to satellites, decoding the telemetry, etc. This forms an important part of our hobby!). Nor do you have to reside in the UK. There are separate membership rates for those living outside the UK, these separate rates go to offset the extra postage costs involved in mailing our quarterly publication, “Oscar News”.   ‘Sample can be found here’

Membership runs from 1 Jan to 31 Dec of any calender year, although new members can join at any time.

You can join or renew your AMSAT-UK membership on-line by visiting our shop. If you are a new member, please ensure that you choose the NEW Membership option, so we may send you a welcome pack.

If you prefer to join or renew by post, then please download this form, and send it to the Hon Sec at the address given on the form.