High Altitude Balloons

Mark and Cassie with a STRATODEAN High Altitude Balloon

Mark and Cassie with a STRATODEAN High Altitude Balloon

Listen to UK balloon signals on 434 MHz USB from anywhere in the world using the online SUWS WebSDR, further details at https://amsat-uk.org/2014/08/15/suws-websdr-moves-to-new-site/

Online real-time tracking of balloons http://tracker.habhub.org/

iPhone and iPad App

To get up-to-date information on balloon flights subscribe to the UKHAS Mailing List by sending a blank email to this address: ukhas+subscribe@googlegroups.com

Follow balloon chat on the #highaltitude IRC channel at
(Enter Callsign or Nickname, the displayed ReCAPTCHA number and click on “Connect” button)

Essex Ham – High Altitude Balloons http://www.essexham.co.uk/high-altitude-balloon-tracking

James Coxon M6JCX launching a PICO balloon on 434.301 MHz USB

James Coxon M6JCX launching a PICO balloon on 434.301 MHz USB

Beginners Guide to Tracking using dl-fldigi software http://ukhas.org.uk/guides:tracking_guide

Guide to Tracking using a SDR Dongle http://ukhas.org.uk/guides:sdr_tracker

This guide also provides links for virtual audio cable software to connect dl-fldigi to SDR software such as SDR-Radio or SDR# although you can instead just link the Audio Out and Mic In of your soundcard with a 3.5 mm stereo jack to jack plug cable.

Slow Scan Digital Video (SSDV) Guide http://ukhas.org.uk/guides:ssdv

See received SSDV images on the web at http://ssdv.habhub.org/

LoRa Handheld Receiver http://www.daveakerman.com/?p=1682
Making a LoRa Gateway http://www.daveakerman.com/?p=1719

What is Amateur Radio? http://www.essexham.co.uk/what-is-amateur-radio

Find an amateur radio training course near you https://thersgb.org/services/coursefinder/

A free booklet is available aimed at introducing newcomers to the hobby that can also be used as a handy reference while getting started, see