6U Canisterized Satellite Dispenser

6U Canisterized Satellite Dispenser was displayed at the recent Small Satellites conference that will allow larger CubeSats to be deployed.

Canisterized Satellite Dispensers (CSDs) are boxes that small payloads (CubeSats) are housed in during launch and dispensed from once in space. These dispensers reduce the risk that small secondary or tertiary payloads in the dispenser can damage the primary payload or be damaged by the primary.

Traditionally much smaller P-POD’s (Poly Picosatellite Orbital Deployer) have been used to deploy CubeSats. The 6U CSD standard allows CubeSats up to 12 x 24 x 36 cm weighing 12Kg to be deployed and is shown in a YouTube video.

The YouTube description reads:
A 6U Canisterized Satellite Dispenser is operated on two kinds of rideshare adapters. The CSD is designed to dispense 12 kg Cubesat type satellites. It was designed and built by PSC. It’s part of a family of cubesat dispensers we will qualify and flight validate.