Delfi-C3 (DO-64) – 4 years in orbit


Delfi-C3 (DO-64) Team at the AMSAT-UK International Space Colloquium 2008 in Guildford

On April 28, 2012 the nanosatellite Delfi-C3 (DO-64) celebrated 4 years in orbit and is still alive and kicking!

This 3-unit CubeSat, developed by the Technical University of Delft in the Netherlands has been largely developed by students and performed technology demonstration experiments for the space industry in the Netherlands. After being launched on PSLV-C9 in 2008 it has been circling the earth for 1461 days (exceeding its design lifetime with 1371 days)!

The satellite still broadcasts its telemetry and measurement data which can be received using simple amateur radio equipment and using the RASCAL software (available on the Delfi website:

The satellite project was also the birthplace of ISIS – Innovative Solutions In Space as the company’s founders and a significant number of its employees have worked on the satellite project at the start of their careers. We congratulate the university with the milestone and excellent demonstration that well coordinated student satellite projects can produce great results and exceed all expectations.

Jeroen Rotteveel

Student CubeSat First-MOVE – Vacuum Test Video


First-MOVE team members with Bob Twiggs KE6QMD

First-MOVE is an amateur radio CubeSat being built by students at the Technical University of München.

MOVE stands for München Orbital Verification Experiment. The 1U CubeSat carries a CCD camera and has two deployable solar panels carrying a new generation of solar cell – triple junction GaAs / Ge.

The transceiver, supplied by ISIS, uses a UHF uplink and VHF downlink. The antennas are mounted on the ends of the deployable solar panels.

The frequencies for First-MOVE were coordinated by the IARU as:

Downlink: 145.970 MHz
Uplink:     435.520 MHz

This video shows First-MOVE preliminary vacuum test at the LRT facilities. The EQM model was tested in vacuum conditions and at medium/low temperatures (10°C).

Watch First-MOVE Vacuum Test

First-MOVE Vibration tests

First-MOVE CubeSat Solar Panel Deployment Video

First-MOVE website in Google English

First-MOVE Communications

Upcoming CubeSat launch opportunities

The past year has seen a shortage of launches for Amateur Radio CubeSats. 
Abe Bonnema
from ISIS provides details of upcoming launch opportunities.



Many of you are looking for launch opportunities for your CubeSats (or nanosats), but launches for CubeSats have been quite scarce over the past year, unfortunately. As many of you know, we – ISIS / ISILaunch Services – have been working towards creating more regular, affordable access to space for CubeSats and nanosats for a few years already.

Recently, we have teamed with Spaceflight Services from the United States to create a global launch services offering, combining US and non-US opportunities and customers, and we have a cooperation with CalPoly on a particular launch opportunity for several CubeSats. These efforts are now starting to bear fruit; with the very recent and upcoming signing of a number of agreements (more details soon), a significant number of launch opportunities is now available.

Since these opportunities can contain a limited number of CubeSats, a timely, proper coordination of allocation, interfaces, frequencies and other aspects is required. We would therefore like to call for your interest for the following launch opportunities;

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