February launch for Jordanian CubeSat

Aya Jaafari at IEEE Day 2016 event in Amman, Jordan

Aya Jaafari at IEEE Day 2016 event in Amman, Jordan

Fourth year electrical engineering student Aya Jaafari is a member of the JY1-SAT team. She says working on the CubeSat has allowed her to practically implement a lot of what she learns theoretically at university.

The Jordan Times reports on the country’s first CubeSat JY1-SAT which was built under the Masar initiative of the Crown Prince Foundation (CPF), by 16 young Jordanian men and women. The satellite is scheduled to be launched on a mission in February 2018, a date on which the team pins great hopes and ambitions.

These young Jordanians were supervised by a group of experts and academics through their weekly meetings held at the Royal Jordanian Radio Amateurs Society (RJRAS).

JY1-SAT was chosen as a tribute to His Majesty the Late King Hussein of Jordan whose amateur radio call sign was JY1.

JY1SAT LogoThe CubeSat will carry an Amateur Radio FUNcube 435/145 MHz SSB/CW transponder and a Slow Scan Digital Video (SSDV) system to transmit stored images reflecting the Jordanian culture and its historical heritage.

Read the full story at http://www.jordantimes.com/news/local/nasa-trained-young-jordanian-develops-team-nanosatellite-cubesat%E2%80%99

Royal Jordanian Radio Amateurs Society https://www.facebook.com/jy6zz/

JY6JY is a dedicated ground station to be used for communication with JY1-SAT. The call sign JY6JY is registered to the Office of Royal Highness Crown Prince Al Hussein Bin Abdullah II of Jordan

JY1SAT applies for frequency coordination

JY1SAT applies for frequency coordination

JY1SAT LogoThe JY1SAT CubeSat is planned to launch early in 2018 and will carry a FUNcube 435/145 MHz SSB/CW transponder and Slow Scan Digital Video (SSDV) system.

The team have submitted an application to the IARU Satellite Frequency Coordination Panel which says:

JY1SAT is an educational 1U CubeSat project with the goal of providing an actual space project for Jordanian University students. Additionally it is intended to enthuse and educate young people about radio, space, physics and electronics.

The spacecraft will only require simple groundstation antennas and an SDR dongle receiver. This will make it uncomplicated for schools and colleges to use with their students. It is anticipated JY1SAT will be launched into a Sun Synchronous Low Earth Orbit about 450-600km. In such an orbit the satellite passes over Jordan at least twice a day.

The student team will develop and operate a special groundstation for this spacecraft. As well as having BPSK telemetry, JYISAT will be able to transmit pre-stored images of the Kingdom which will be selected by national competition. These images will be downlinked using a novel digital format based upon the existing SSDV system.

It will additionally carry a FUNcube UHF to VHF linear transponder that will have up to 0.5 watt output and which can be used by Radio Amateurs worldwide for SSB and CW communications.

Requesting a telemetry downlink on 145.840 MHz and transponder downlink passband on 145.855-145.875 MHz with an inverting uplink on 435.100 – 435.120 MHz.

Planning a launch in Q1 2018 from Vandenberg on a SpaceX flight.

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/JY1SAT/

IARU Satellite Frequency Coordination Panel status pages

Winter issue of OSCAR News now available

OSCAR News 216 December 2016 Front CoverE-members of AMSAT-UK can now download the Winter edition of OSCAR News here.

In this edition “FUNcube Update” has the latest information on the new Jordanian satellite JY1Sat which will carry a 435/145 MHz amateur radio linear transponder and will transmit images.

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In this issue:
• From the Secretary
• 2017 Meetings & Events calendar
• The AMSAT-UK Shop
• A 25MHz reference for ADF4350/4351 based synthesisers
• ISS Packet Digipeater on 437.550 MHz
• Change in AMSAT-UK Membership ‘Rules’
• Orbital Debris
• UK Radio Amateur Receives Sir Arthur Clarke Award
• ARISS International Face to Face Meeting
• AMSAT-NA Space Symposium at Sea
• EO79 FUNcube transponder commences regular operation
• Spacecraft currently active with FM or linear transponders
• HamTV update
• Robin Haighton, VE3FRH – Silent Key
• SatCamp
• The “handover” of the ESEO AMSAT payload Engineering Model
• FUNcube (and other projects) update Dec 2016
• Satellite Orbits

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AMSAT-UK FUNcube Mission Patch

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