ARRISat-1 PCSAT32 doppler info

ARRISat-1 PCSAT32 doppler info

The deployment of ARRISat-1 is approaching. Here is a collection of data on the various modes for use in configuringSATPC32.

Note that you will need to tweak the sideband frequencies slightly to account for rig calibration and other issues, as usual, but these should be close. You can paste these in the DOPPLER.SQF file, but before you do, please read on!


Since ARISSat-1 will be deployed by a gentle push from the ISS by Cosmonauts, the ISS Keps will be good until separate Keps are released by Space Track. One way to handle the transition is to change the Doppler information slightly:


Paste the ARISSat-1 data as desired, and also paste the ISS version of the data into the DOPPLER.SQF file after the regular ISS data. For the final test aboard the ISS, and initially after deployment, select ISS tracking, and then select the desired ARRISat-1 frequency data at the end of the list in the CAT window.

After the ISS and ARISSat-1 are far enough apart that independent Keps are available, you can begin using ARISSat-1 as a separate object by adding it to the objects you track in the Satellites menu window.

The satellite may be identified as ARISSat-1, but may well have some other designation which will be reported. If it is not ARRISat-1, then change the name in the first group above to that used in the Keps. They must agree exactly for SATPC32 to match the Doppler data with the satellite. (You can also use the AmsatNames.txt file, which is covered in the SATPC32 documentation.) You can then delete the extra ISS data if you wish. They won’t hurt anything, but it will clean up the ISS CAT window.

Alan, WA4SCA