AO-51 operations update



AO-51 operations update

AO-51 Control Station, Mark Hammond, N8MH wrote a status update on this satellite. Mark noted that since the failure of the first cell on the six-cell battery the ground controllers have been limited to simple commands for basic configurations.

Mark said that ground control stations have evolved basic control
and management techniques of AO-51 which allow them to set power levels manually, change uplinks/downlinks. Additional features such as telemetry collection/storage, and the BBS are not functional at this time. If the satellite resets during eclipse these basic functions must be restored manually by a ground station.

Ground stations have discovered there is a second cell in the battery showing problems. Mark noted, “We think it will be the next cell to go with the probable result that our limited manual mode of operation probably will no longer be an option, and the mission might be considered over.”

AO-51 is currently transmitting on:

Downlink: 435.150 MHz FM (LHCP) and using a
Uplink: 145.880 MHz FM

The power level is just under 1 watt (about 980 mW). Controllers expect to keep this configuration until further notice.

Keep up with the latest AO-51 Control Team News on-line at:

The current scenario of AO-51 is one reason we need to keep moving AMSAT and satellite development/building/launching moving forward!!

We have learned a lot already with ARISSat-1, and FOX looks promising.
AMSAT needs the support of its users now more than ever!

Mark Hammond, N8MH
AO-51 Control Station