Calling all UK secondary students: UK Space Settlement Design Competition 2012

Would you like to win a trip to NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas? The UK Space Design Competition gives you and your friends the opportunity to do just that!

2010 UK international team in Houston.

2010 UK international team in Houston.

Supported by the Space Science and Engineering Foundation and the UK Space Agency, the competition will take place at Imperial College London on the weekend of 24 -25 March 2012. It challenges teams of over 40 students, supported by space experts, to design a scientifically viable space settlement for over 10,000 inhabitants, taking several factors into account, ranging from structural engineering and communications to entertainment, food production, construction timelines, and cost. Designs are presented to a panel of expert judges for the chance to represent the UK at the International Space Settlement Design Competition, held annually at NASA’s Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center.

The international leg of the competition takes place during the summer immediately following the UK competition. International flights, ground transportation, food and accommodation for the UK representatives are provided courtesy of the Space Science and Engineering Foundation and its partners.

To enter, your team must record a 3 minute video presentation responding to a design request from the fictitious yet highly influential Foundation Society. For registration details and further information, please visit the UKSDC website or email the competition’s organising committee.

The deadline for receiving video applications is 13 November 2011.

Successful teams will be notified via email on 12 December 2011.