Launch of Indian Amateur Radio Satellites

Amateur Radio satellites SRMSAT and Jugnu launched Wednesday, Oct 12 at 05:32 UT and hams are asked to send in reception reports of the signals on 437.275 MHz and 437.425 MHz. A video of the launch can be seen at

These satellites were launched into a 20 degree inclination orbit so are not receiveable in high latitude countries such as the United Kingdom. See

On the AMSAT bulletin board Mani, VU2WMY, writes

I’m herewith forwarding the mail from Mr. Shantanu Agarwal, Team Lead for the ‘Jugnu’, requesting the Global Amateur Radio fraternity to provide the CW Beacon signal Report along with the plain decoded morse message, if possible.

Any help in this regard would be greatly appreciated, as this would be very helpful to evaluate various on-board system performance.

‘Jugnu’ beacon is at 437.275 MHz, OOK.

The reports can be sent to the following mail ID.s

The predicted TLE’s:

1 99999U 11072A   11285.24724444  .00001785  00000-0  96625-3 0  1235
2 99999  20.0506  66.7109 0018405   5.1080 190.7439 14.11338922    19
1 88888U 11072A   11278.34967500  .00001077  00000-0  60876-3 0  1233
2 88888  20.0603  97.4017 0010015 338.6461 208.4324 14.09199968    14

Thanks in advance and looking forward to your valuable reports.

Additional SRMSAT Information:
Telemetry downlink and CW beacon: 437.425 MHz (10 dbm)
Keps file:
Send SRMSAT reports to KC2YQJ <at>

AMSAT Bulletin Board (AMSAT-BB)

Getting started on Amateur Radio Satellites PDF

SRMSAT and JUGNU to launch October 12