AubieSat-1 Video

Auburn University’s famous battle cry, “War Eagle”, will be heard from space Oct. 27 when it is transmitted to Earth from a student-built amateur radio satellite known as AubieSat-1.

After launch when the satellite comes over Auburn, Alabama, the team will send up a command and if all is well AubieSat-1 will reply with “War Eagle” in Morse code.

AubieSat-1 is designed to transmit with a power of about 800 milliwatts on a frequency of 437.475 MHz, plus or minus Doppler correction [+/- 9 kHz]. The beacon signal, along with telemetry, will be sent using A1A continuous wave Morse code at 20 words per minute. Additional telemetry from the onboard science experiment will use CW transmissions up to 60 WPM.

The AubieSat team from Auburn University have released a video about the project which features radio amateurs such as J-M Wersinger KI4YAU and Kyle Owen KK4ANG.

Watch the AubieSat-1 Project Video

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