AubieSat-1 designated AO-71

OSCAR Number Administrator, Bill Tynan, W3XO reports that he has advised J. M. Wersinger, PhD, KI4YAU, Professor Emeritus and Director of Auburn University’s Student Space Program, that following the successful NASA ELaNa III launch on October 28, 2011 of AubieSat-1, and by the request of the AubieSat-1 team, the new satellite has been assigned an OSCAR number.

Professor Wersinger documented that telemetry has been received from the satellite. The IARU-Sat Website states that AubieSat-1 was fully coordinated with the IARU.

Bill wrote, “Therefore, by the authority vested in me by the AMSAT-NA President, I hereby designate AubieSat-1 as AubieSat Oscar 71 or AO-71 and welcome this newest OSCAR into the Amateur Radio satellite community.

On behalf of AMSAT-NA and the world’s amateur radio satellite community, I congratulate Professor Wersinger, Auburn University and all of those responsible for building, testing and launching this new CubeSat. May its mission meet with success.”

Bill Tynan, W3XO
OSCAR Number Administrator