SwissCube update

On his French language website HB9AFO provides an update on the SwissCube amateur radio satellite.

He says that the Swiss EPFL Space Center annual meeting was held December 1.

EPFL operations with SwissCube are now finished. For the remainder of its life, SwissCube will be controlled by two stations: HB9MFL in Switzerland and a Dutch station.

Volker Gass and Muriel Richard (ex Noca) warmly thanked all those who participated in the project, including amateur radio. SwissCube was a complete success, both technical (with resolution of unforeseen problems) and human (many interested students and many sponsors for future experiments).

Although EPFL has projects in the pipeline none will use the amateur bands in the near future.

Thanks were given to all the radio hams who participated, directly or indirectly in the SwissCube project.

See the HB9AFO SwissCube page in Google English at

SwissCube Live Amateur Radio Information

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