Norwegian Student's CubeSTAR in the press



The CubeSTAR amateur radio satellite being built by students at the University of Oslo features on page 2 of the December 14 issue of Electronics Weekly.

CubeSTAR is a project which aims to improve and support future space weather monitoring. Its scientific purpose is to monitor space weather in the Polar Regions where it will measure ion density and turbulence using the multiple-Neddle Langmuir Probes system developed at the University in Oslo.

These probes are based on a new concept that will increase the spatial resolution down to a few meters. After deployment in space the probes will unfold and record data that will be transmitted to a ground station. CubeSTAR is a 2U cubesat and will use AX.25 packet radio on 437.465 MHz.

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University of Oslo – CubeSTAR

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