AMSAT-India Linear Transponder

AMSAT-India 435-145 MHz Linear Transponder

AMSAT-India 435/145 MHz Linear Transponder

At Hamfest India (HFI) 2011, held in Kochi Dec 10-11, a presentation was given on a new Indian linear transponder and a CubeSat communications system.

This was the largest gathering of radio amateurs in India so far. Radio Amateurs and SWLs from all over the country and invited guests from other countries enjoyed the two-day event.

AMSAT-India gave several presentations at the event, among them was one by Ganesan Namachivayam KJ6LRR in which he described a satellite 435/145 MHz linear transponder with a bandwidth of 50 kHz and capable of 1-3 watts PEP output. AMSAT-India plan to develop a smaller linear transponder for CubeSats.

AMSAT-India CubeSat

AMSAT-India CubeSat

Ganesan also described a CubeSat communications system comprising a 435 MHz half-duplex narrow‐band FM transceiver supporting a data rate of 1200-9600 bps. The transmitter produces 1 watt output and can also operate as a Morse Code beacon.

Other presentations included:

  • Real Time Tracking by Mani VU2WMY
  • Working with LEO Sats by Dr. Raveendranath VU2RVJ
  • Telemetry Decoding by Nitin VU3TYG

The slides from the AMSAT-India presentations are at

Hamfest India (HFI) 2011