Seasons Greetings from ARISS Europe

A seasonal message from ARISS Europe Chairman Gaston Bertels ON4WF.

The year is coming to its end. The arrow of time points to the next cycle, which promises to be as exciting and successful for ARISS as 2011.

In the last twelve months, our organization set up 112 radio contacts with the international space station, offering 120 schools in several continents the privilege of a space talk. The educational benefits of these conversations between students and astronauts cannot be over-emphasized. Teachers take advantage of such events and develop science oriented projects. Schoolchildren and students participate to a once in a lifetime experience and ­ reportedly ­ this often impacts on their studies and career.

2011 was also the ARISSat-1 / Kedr year. A great achievement, a spendid success, even if not all functions could be fully deployed. The AMSAT team which developed and built this innovative satellite deserves full appreciation and praize. Now we have to think about ways to improve the use of this type of satellite, also for educational purposes.

In 2012, ARISS partners will continue their volunteering work and help schools on the way to successful space conversations.  In the same time, a team is working on adding video to sound for ARISS school contacts. ESA intends to install a DATV transmitter in Columbus. The project, called HamTV, is progressing and deployment of the system is foreseen in 2013. New challenges are facing us. No doubt, we will be up to this fascinating task.

Dear colleagues, to you and to your families, my best wishes of health and happiness.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !

Gaston Bertels, ON4WF – ARISS Chairman

ARISS Europe