NTNU Test Satellite – NUTS Norwegian Cubesat

The student satellite project is organized at Department for Electronics and Telecomunications (IET). Our aim is to design, build, test and launch a double CubeSat by 2014. Most of the work is carried out by students from several departments and study programs, such as electronics, communications, space technology, physics, cybernetics, computer science, mechanics and more.

Projects during 2011 and 2012

There will be possible assignments within these topics:


  1. ADCS
  2. Communication system (satellite and ground systems)
  3. Power management
  4. Internal databus and OBC
  5. System design and specification
  6. Payload

Please contact Roger Birkeland or look at the section possible assignments if you are interested in joining the project in 2012!


Satellite Specification Overview

  • Double cube
  • Two tranceivers
  • IR-camera for scientific payload
  • Internal wireless experiment
  • ADCS-system
  • Robust internal data bus
  • Robust power supply and system managemet

More details about the satellites specifcation.

On-going work

  • ADCS
  • Communcation (on-board and groundstation)
  • OBC and bus
  • Power system
  • Mechanical structure
  • Payload

Detalis can be found here.


Local students can contact project manager Roger Birkeland by email roger.birkeland-at-iet.ntnu.no or come visit in room C249 in the Electro building.

For the latest information, check out the news section.