Article – "OSCAR-1 Launched 50 Years Ago"

Lance Ginner K6GSJ with OSCAR 1

Lance Ginner K6GSJ with OSCAR 1

The ARRL have released an English translation of an article about the pioneering amateur radio satellite OSCAR-1

A new, highly informative article on how the world’s first Amateur Radio satellite, OSCAR-1, came to be designed, built and launched has been posted to the ARRL’s Space Communication web page (see the “Articles” section). Written by Andreas Bilsing, DL2LUX, “OSCAR-1 Launched 50 Years Ago” was first published in the German magazine Funkamateur. It is reprinted with their permission. OSCAR-1 was launched just over 50 years ago, on December 12, 1961.

Link the the article in English

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