RS-39 Telemetry Decoder

RS-39 Telemetry Decoder Screen Shot

RS-39 Telemetry Decoder Screen Shot - Nittin VU3TYG

Mike Rupprecht DK3WN has made available software to decode the telemetry beacon of RS-39  (435.315 and 435.215 MHz) .

In Google English the software description reads:

Very simple tool for decoding the CW telemetry and display of telemetry values ​​of Chibis-M (RS-39).

The input of the received telemetry values ​​are in the respective fields U.S., IBS, Uzun, iSun, ITXA, ITXB, TTXA, TTXB, TNAP, TAB, MSEP, MCON, SMA, SMB, and MRXA MRXB. The converted value is displayed immediately. All values ​​are checked for plausibility, one differing from the standard value is displayed with red background. Normal telemetry values ​​have corresponding hardware box with a green background.

With the Save button, the currently displayed telemetry values are saved ​​in a file.

Download RS-39 Decoder Version 1.0

DK3WN satellite software page in Google English

RS-39 Real Time Tracking Map

RS-39 (Chibis-M)