Khartoum Students Receive CubeSats

KN-SAT1 students at ST2UOK Khartoum

KN-SAT1 students at ST2UOK Khartoum

Students at the University of Khartoum, Sudan have been eagerly listening for the new amateur radio satellites deployed by the Vega launcher on Monday, Feb 13.

The students are undertaking a CubeSat project KN-SAT1. As part of the project they recently completed the installation of a satellite groundstation at ST2UOK. This was used to track and receive telemetry data from the Vega satellites.

KN-SAT1 is the first CubeSat to be built in Sudan and an aim is to promote space engineering and space science education at other Sudanese educational institutes.

Watch the students receiving packets from Masat-1 14:00 UTC Feb 14, 2012


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