VO-52 Transponder Activation Postponed



It had been hoped that the amateur radio SSB/CW satellite HAMSAT (VO-52) would be reactivated on Thursday, March 8 but this has now been postponed.

More time is needed to carry out observations on the state of the satellite, which fell silent Feb. 28, so the activation has been put back by at least a week.

HAMSAT (VO-52) carries two linear transponders for SSB/CW operation. It had been using the Indian transponder but when it is switched back on it will use the Dutch transponder built by William Leijenaar PE1RAH. The frequencies used will be:

Uplink:         435.2250 – 435.2750 MHz SSB/CW
Downlink:     145.9250 – 145.8750 MHz SSB/CW
Beacon:       145.8600 MHz CW

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