The Hindu – Hams Engineering Success

The Hindu newspaper reports on K. G. Girish Babu VU2KGB who uses computerised antenna design for VHF and UHF wireless communication. He helped his son Rahul make an antenna, the largest in India, which can track amateur radio satellites.

He says he also designed and manufactured the entire ground station antenna and structures for the experiments jointly conducted by the German Aerospace (DLR) and Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO).

Wireless communication always fascinated him. He made a wireless transmitter while studying in class eight, for the science exhibition. “Thanks to my teacher Rajan and the wonderful chemisty and physics lab at our school (Government HS, Chavakkad). He always encouraged my experiments and brought me copies of Science Today magazine.”

While in college, (St Albert’s, Kochi), “I, along with a friend, rigged up a wireless transmitter. We didn’t know that it was illegal. When some issues came up, we hid the equipment,” he remembers.

In 1979, he cleared the examination to obtain his Grade I amateur radio operator licence with the call sign VU2KGB. His wife, A. Maya Shankar, is licenced at VU2CIA.

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