Radio Amateur Encourages Engineering as a Career

Ali Guarneros Luna KJ6TVO has been involved in the development of the amateur radio CubeSat TechEdSat. In this video she talks to teenagers at a Careers Night about her aspiration to become an engineer.

Watch Career Night – Ali Luna

Ali Guarneros Luna KJ6TVO was born in Mexico City and now lives in San Jose, California. She received her BS in Aerospace Engineering at San Jose State University in 2010 and will complete her MS in Aerospace Engineering from San Jose State University in 2012.

She currently works with the Edison Program, Small Spacecraft Payload and Technologies (SSPT) and SPHERES National Lab at NASA Ames Research Center. Under the Edison Program, Ali works on development of CubeSat projects, including TechEdSat, as the System Engineering, Mission And Ground Operations, and Launch Vehicle Service expert.

Under the Small Spacecraft Payload and Technologies Program, Ali works as Engineering Support for different missions, most currently in NLAS. At SPHERES National Lab, Ali works as Engineer support for Ground Lab and Operation Support.