ISS: successful contact with Balaklava school

We are pleased to announce very successful contact of Balaklava school
(Sevastopol, Crimea, Ukraine) with International Space Station.
More than 100 children came to take part of the evening event on April
11, 2012 in Balaklava – very unique place with interesting history as well
as known as a place where Russian cosmonaut Anton Shkaplerov was born.
17 questions were asked and after the radio contact was finished we continued
communication via phone in combination with video stream available on
Anton came to the place where web camera is located so we were able
not only to speak but also to see what he was doing on board of the station.
During the conversation Daniel Burbank joined giving greetings to all participants
on the ground.
Anton has answered 5 more questions and shown how Orlan space suit glovers
works, how to drink water in the space. Under storm of applause Anton presented
Balaklava’s school pennon which he has on board.
Space station

Space station

Event was organized by Ukrainian radio-amateurs Andrey Begunov – UT9UF and
Oleg Dmitrenko UR4UKV with support of Sevastopol’s radio-amateurs, space enthusiast
Vladimir Kovgan and Anton’s first teacher Irina Bogdanova.