Listen to HORYU-2 on the Web

Andrei YO8SSQ and Cezar YO8TLC have made available a web based receiver to enable listeners to hear the new amateur radio satellite HORYU-2 when it’s within range of Romania.

The WebSDR receiver is located at the Astronomical Observatory Department of “Stefan cel Mare” University in Suceava, Romania, latitude 47.6417N longitude 26.2453E, grid locator KN37cp. The height ASL is 350m.

The hardware consists of two SDR receivers which are fed into 48 kHz sound cards on an AMD Sempron 2600+ computer running Vector Linux.

The web page displays a track showing the current position of HORYU-2 and also provides coverage of the 3.5 MHz (80m) band.

Listen to the HORYU-2 and 80m WebSDR at

More information about HORYU-2 437.375 MHz (+/- 9 kHz Doppler shift) at

HORYU-2 Telemetry Software and Competition

HORYU-2 CW Telemetry Decoder by DK3WN

HORYU-2 Separation Video

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Amateur satellite Keplerian Two Line Elements (TLEs / KEPS)

More information about the WebSDR project can be found at