TEDxKhartoum Presentation on KN-SAT1 CubeSat

KN-SAT1 Students at ST2UOK Khartoum

KN-SAT1 Students at ST2UOK Khartoum

Abubakr S. Eltayeb ST2AB is an Electrical Engineer specializing in communications systems. He is currently a member of the Cube Satellite Project which belongs to the Faculty of Engineering at University of Khartoum.

The team includes his colleagues Hala M. Othman, Mustafa Atta Mohamed and Yasir M. Osman ST2YM, and together they constructed the first satellite in Sudan with the help of Dr. Tahani Abdalla, their project manager and Dr. Nader Abdelhameed, the team manager. They designed, tested and experimentally launched a fully functional Cube Satellite prototype named KN-SAT1.

The team is now developing the Flight Model of the KN-SAT1, in preparation for its launch into outer space.

This TEDxKhartoum presentation is not in English, however, the segment from 09:12 until 13:25 contains video showing the development of the KN-SAT1 CubeSat including a test of the deployment of the antennas.

Watch TEDxKhartoum 2012: Abubakr S. Eltayeb, A Sudanese Satellite

Khartoum Amateur Radio Satellite Ground Station http://www.uk.amsat.org/4316

KN-Sat1 http://cubesat.uofk.edu/

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