Video of VO-52 Downlink Over Europe

Dimitrios Pallis SW1JGW has made available a video of the downlink of the amateur radio satellite VO-52 over Europe on May 27, 2012.

Among the stations heard in the downlink is Domenico I8CVS. His interest in satellites first started in 1960 when he built a VHF converter and yagi antenna to succesfully receive the 108.000 and 108.030 MHz beacons from the passive communication satellites ECHO-I and ECHO-II.

Dimitrios SW1JGW made the recording with a G59 SDR and Ten Tec 1012 Transverter.

Watch VO52 27/05/2012 Recording with Genesis G59 SDR

VO-52 frequencies (note transponder is inverting, transmit LSB on 435 to get USB on 145 downlink):
Uplink:         435.2250 – 435.2750 MHz SSB/CW
Downlink:     145.9250 – 145.8750 MHz SSB/CW
Beacon:       145.8600 MHz CW

How to work the SSB amateur radio satellites such as VO-52

John Heath G7HIA wrote about operating through VO-52 in his article ‘Getting started on amateur radio satellites’ that was published by the Radio Society of Great Britain in the March 2007 edition of RadCom. Download the article at
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David A Palmer, KB5WIA, has written an article “Twins!  A Backpack-Portable Full Duplex Satellite Station with Dual FT-817ND’s” that can be seen at