Radio Amateur VK5ZAI on TV Show

Tony Hutchison VK5ZAI

Tony Hutchison VK5ZAI

This video shows Tony Hutchison VK5ZAI on the Channel 7 Today Tonight TV show talking about amateur radio and the ARISS schools program.

Tony Hutchison, VK5ZAI's ARISS Satellite Ground Station in Kingston SE. South Australia

The show provides some great insights as to how Amateur Radio can provide support for NASA as well as raise public awareness through the ARISS schools program.

Tony VK5ZAI has provided many Telebridge links for the International Space Station (ISS) to schools around the world. An ISS Telebridge contact is where a dedicated ARISS amateur radio ground station, located somewhere in the world, establishes the radio link with the ISS. Voice communications between the students and the astronauts are then patched over regular telephone lines.

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