KiwiSAT hoping for launch mid-2013

The development of the amateur radio satellite KiwiSAT is completed and it is now ready for a LEO launch.

It carries a 435 or 1268 MHz to 145 MHz  linear transponder for SSB/CW operation.
* Transmit Power: 2 Watts PEP.
* Beacon frequency: 145.885 MHz
* Uplink: (U-Band) 435.265 to 435.235 MHz LSB or
* Uplink: (L-Band) 1268.880 to 1268.850 MHz LSB
* Down link: 145.850 to 145.880 MHz USB

The KiwiSAT website says the team have been in discussion with ISC Kosmatras for a DNEPR launch. They hope the satellite will be launched mid-2013.

The KiwiSAT team released a status update which can be read at

In addition to the transponder KiwiSAT also carries an Atitude Determination And Control (ADAC) experiment developed by students at Massey University.

Read the article Massey students create space satellite software at



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