New OSCAR-7 DX Record

Wyatt AC0RA and Bill OM3BD have broken the AMSAT-OSCAR-7 (AO-7) long distance (DX) record set in 2010.

Their GPS-measured 7849km QSO between grid squares EN31vx and JN88mf surpassed the prior 7843km record set by PY5LF and K3SZH in 2010.

Bill says that Wyatt did all the hard work by waking up at 3am, driving to a hill an hour away from his home, setting up his station, and working Bill before sunrise at 0955 UT on July 2.

Bill was running an FT847, 2 x 10 element yagi on 2m with SP2000 preamp, and an 8 element yagi for 70cm while Wyatt had an FT-847, a 7 element yagi on 2 meters and a 12 element yagi on 70cm.

It appears that an even longer distance is attainable, and Wyatt is looking for a suitable place from which they can try before Bill leaves Slovakia in mid-July.

Further information, pictures and recordings of the contact are at

2010 PY5LF and K3SZH AO-7 distance record

10th Anniversary of OSCAR 7′s Return To Life

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