Satellite contact between Cuba and Alaska

Hector Martinez CO6CBF - 640

Hector Martinez CO6CBF

After many attempts, Hector Martinez CO6CBF in Cuba and Dale Pelzer KL7R in Alaska have achieved a contact between Grid Squares EL92sd and BP54xt using the amateur radio satellite FO-29.

Hector CO6CBF posted this report on the AMSAT Bulletin Board

Cubans cannot operate on AO-7 mode B, So FO-29 is our only opportunity for long contacts.

I cannot say how much time we tried but I am sure that it was more than 10 attempts. Dale did all the hard work, he drove around 4 miles from his home to a nearby hill. Majority of times he drove very late in the night.

All the SSB attempts failed. Today [Sunday, July 8] at 1920z was our first attempt on CW and it was successful!

Dale’s working conditions are a Yaesu FT-817 (only 5W semi-duplex) and ARROW antenna with  preamplifier. My working conditions are a majority homebrew setup, 10 elements Yagi on 2m and 18 elements Yagi for 70cm with a homebrew preamplifier.

Thanks very much to Dale for his constancy and effort!

PS: I continue looking for new grids and long contacts on satellite, if you are into any footprint with EL92sd and wan to try, please drop me an email [address at]

Hector, CO6CBF

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