Time Lapse First-Move CubeSat Integration


First-MOVE students with Bob Twiggs KE6QMD

This movie shows the integration of the amateur radio First-Move CubeSat compressed to 5 minutes. The video was made using a DSLR Camera shooting 1 picture every 10 seconds.

Integrated First-MOVE

Integrated First-MOVE

First-MOVE is an amateur radio CubeSat being built by students at the Technical University of München. It will be transported to the launch provider in the Netherlands in the second half of September. The launch on a Dnepr is planned for the end of November, 2013.

MOVE stands for München Orbital Verification Experiment. The 1U CubeSat carries a CCD camera and has two deployable solar panels carrying a new generation of solar cell – triple junction GaAs / Ge.

The First-MOVE transceiver, was supplied by ISIS and uses a UHF uplink and VHF downlink. The antennas are mounted on the ends of the deployable solar panels.

The frequencies for First-MOVE were coordinated by the IARU as:
Downlink: 145.970 MHz
Uplink:     435.520 MHz

Watch Time Lapse First-Move CubeSat Integration

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