2o12W Active on the Amateur Radio Satellites

Ken Eaton GW1FKY operating the Amateur Radio Satellites at 2o12W – Picture Credit Phil Jones MW0PJJ

Olympic Flagship Special Event Station 2 Oscar 12 Whiskey (2o12W) has been active on the amateur radio satellites working stations in the USA and across Europe.

Close up of an Elk dual band VHF-UHF satellite antenna

The 2o12W satellite station has been operated by Ken Eaton GW1FKY a member of the Barry Amateur Radio Club and AMSAT-UK.

The satellite equipment comprises a Kenwood TS2000 feeding a 5 element dual-band “Elk” antenna mounted on a rotator on the portable cabin about 2.5 metres (8 feet) above the ground.

Ken says the station is located on the promenade and the many electrical amusements in the Fairground generate considerable interference (QRM ) on the VHF/UHF bands which has made reception difficult.

The station 2o12W is planned to be on-the-air until September http://www.2o12w.com/

Read the article ‘Getting started on amateur radio satellites’ by John Heath G7HIA at
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Video – How to work the SSB amateur radio satellites http://www.uk.amsat.org/2712

2o12W Station – Note the 5 ele Elk satellite antenna just visible on the portable cabin roof