Amateur Radio CubeSat Launch Postponed

Aeneas – University of Southern California

The launch of the amateur radio CubeSats on an Atlas 5 rocket from Vandenberg Air Force Base has been postponed until at least Tuesday, August 14.

Space Flight Now report:

The Atlas 5 rocket will remain anchored on its launch pad for the next couple of weeks while the Range problem is dealt with, officials announced late this evening. Liftoff is retargeted for no sooner than Tuesday, Aug. 14. Here is the United Launch Alliance delay statement:

“The launch of an Atlas 5 carrying the National Reconnaissance Office NROL-36 payload has been further delayed to no earlier than Tuesday, Aug. 14 to provide additional time for resolution of a Range instrumentation issue that developed during the initial launch attempt Aug. 2. There are no issues with the Atlas 5 vehicle or the NROL-36 space vehicle.”

Further information on the Amateur Radio CubeSats is available at

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