ESA – Towards a new educational CubeSat initiative

Vega Amateur Radio CubeSats PW-Sat, Masat-1 and Robusta

ESA’s Education Office is inviting the CubeSat community to send their notifications of interest for a new initiative involving the development of educational picosatellites and the provision of deployers and launch services. The call closes on 7 September 2012.

Following the successful launch of seven CubeSats on Vega’s maiden flight in early 2012, ESA has decided to pursue further educational CubeSat-related activities.

In order to gather valuable information that will help better define the terms of its initiative, ESA’s Education and Knowledge Management Office needs to get an overview of the level of interest both from educational CubeSat developers and from commercial suppliers that are eligible to participate in the programme.

Call 1: Educational CubeSat development

This call for Notification of Interest is open to institutions from ESA Member States and Cooperating States which intend to develop CubeSats for educational purposes.

Teams interested in participating are invited to send their Notification of Interest to

The email subject should be: “CubeSat opportunity – Name of the proposed CubeSat project” and should be sent before 12:00 CEST 7 September 2012.

Further information at