Radio Amateur arrives in Ulan Bator in Fiat Panda (with pick-up truck)

The Uncertainly Principle 1.1 litre Fiat Panda with AMSAT-UK Logo

Neil Melville PA9N and Helen Woolnough arrived in Ulan Bator (Ulaanbaatar), Mongolia on Thurday, August 23. They were towed the last part of the journey by pick-up truck having broken down in Mongolia on Tuesday at 46.05N, 100.51E.

They posted Thursday that they were awaiting the arrival of the Mad Hatters team for rally convoy to tow to finish line.

They were taking part in the Mongol Rally where participants drive, in no more than six weeks, from the UK to Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia, using a thoroughly unsuitable car of 1.2 litres or less. Avoiding a small war in Tajikistan Neil and Helen had driven their 9 year old 1.1 litre Fiat Panda over 15,000 km, read their blog here

Helen and Neil’s entry is called The Uncertainty Principle and they started on their epic journey from the UK on July 14 to raise money for the Lotus Children’s Centre Charitable Trust and UNICEF and aimed to cover more than 15,000 km through 19 countries, with no support, no mechanic, and no clue.

Over the years Neil PA9N has given many presentations to the AMSAT-UK International Space Colloquium in Guildford, and his first spacecraft project was XO-53.

On the underside of the bonnet they have an AMSAT-UK logo with the caption “You can have even more FUN in space”.

See their route and blog




Mongol Rally:


They broke down at “A”