SkyCube to use 915 MHz CubeSat Ground Station Network

Tim DeBenedictis and Anna Vital with the SkyCube satellite

Tim DeBenedictis and Anna Vital with the SkyCube satellite

The Huffington Post reports on the imaging CubeSat SkyCube that will be utilizing a network of 915 MHz ground stations operated by the US Navy, the Boeing Corporation, and the University of Utah for CubeSat projects.

Images taken by SkyCube will be transmitted by a 57.6 kbps modem that was developed for CubeSats using the 915 MHz band.

In his article David Duran writes From an iPhone (or Android), consumers will be able to request an image from the satellite, orbiting 600 kilometers above the Earth. They will be able to send a message to SkyCube from their phone as well, which it will then broadcast at 915 MHz into deep space. SkyCube will also broadcast the message back down to Earth as well, therefore, people with amateur radio gear can hear it, and so can anybody else with a smartphone. In addition, SkyCube messages will be reflected in the satellite’s Twitter stream which will be created prior to the launch.

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