Martin Sweeting G3YJO to speak at Nano-Satellite Symposium

Martin Sweeting G3YJO 2012 Image Credit SSTL

Prof. Sir Martin Sweeting G3YJO – Image Credit SSTL

The United Nations / Japan Nano-Satellite Symposium in Nagoya starts Wednesday, October 10 at 0930 JST (0030 UT) and runs until Oct. 13. The Mission Ideas Contest presentations on Oct. 10 will be broadcast live on USTREAM.

The event has attracted speakers from the USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Prof. Sir Martin Sweeting G3YJO will be giving a presentation titled ‘Pushing the capabilities of small satellites’ on Thursday, October 11 at 0900 JST (0000 UT).

“Small satellites have developed rapidly during the last decade and indeed have become quite fashionable with many organizations. Surrey has continued to research into the latest small satellite techniques and applications to Earth observation and remote sensing – as well as satellite timing & navigation and planetary exploration.”

The presentation schedule is at

Mission Ideas Contest

UN/Japan Nano-Satellite Symposium

Watch the Mission Ideas Contest on USTREAM