F-1 Amateur Radio CubeSat Update

F-1 Altitude – Credit Nguyễn Trần Hoàng

Thu Trong Vu XV9AA has provided this update on F-1:
Despite many efforts from the amateur radio community and the team ourselves in tracking F-1, we still haven’t heard from F-1 other than a few uncertain reports during the first few days. The team has been collecting information, analyzing different scenarios and experimenting with F-1’s backup unit in the laboratory. However communication with our American partner to trace back information about F-1 when it was in the States is limited due to ITAR. We hope to come up with an official report about the satellite status by November 4th, and this is not the final conclusion. Thank you for all your support and please continue to help us tracking F-1 if possible!

Nguyễn Trần Hoàng has plotted the descent of the F-1 CubeSat in the 3 weeks since its deployment from the International Space Station (ISS). He comments that the altitude of F-1 appears to be falling faster than the ISS.

F-1 frequency information can be found at http://fspace.edu.vn/?page_id=27