ISS Amateur Radio SSTV Active on 145.800 MHz FM

ISS SSTV image received 2012-11-09 – Credit

Pete Sipple M0PSX who runs the Essex Ham and FrequencyCast websites received this Slow Scan TV  (SSTV) picture transmitted by the amateur radio station on the International Space Station on Friday, November 9.

After being tipped off via the ISS Fan Club website that SSTV was active, he calculated a suitable overhead path and connected the audio output of his 2 metre rig to the soundcard on my PC, and tuned in. The frequency in use for the downlink was 145.800MHz, and he set up a digital recorder to capture the received audio.

Here’s a short video showing how the image is received, using the free PC application MMSSTV

Watch ISS SSTV image 09 Nov 2012

Without too much fiddling about, the image was received pretty well, with only a tiny bit of noise, and a fairly minor image attribute on the left. The image was in the Martin M1 SSTV format, 320×256 pixels.

ISS SSTV being received on iPhone SSTV app

It was also possible to decode the image by holding an iPhone up to the rig’s speaker, using the SSTV app, as shown here.

For more on Slow Scan Television SSTV, see this article SSTV – The Basics

Our thanks to Essex Ham for permission to use this story

Free SSTV software is available at

IZ8BLY Vox Recoder, enables you to record the signals from the ISS on 145.800 MHz while you’re away at work

The ISS Fan Club provides real-time tracking of the ISS

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