iPhone/iPad/iTouch App for the X-Ray CubeSat CXBN

Kentucky Space have released an App for the iPhone, iPad and iTouch that tracks the CXBN CubeSat – 437.525 MHz 9k6 FSK AX.25, FM.

The Morehead State University Cosmic X-Ray Background Nanosatellite (CXBN) is a 2U CubeSat mission designed to make observations of the diffuse X-ray background and publish the data. This data will help to better define the source of the background high energy X-ray emission.

The mission will include an education and public outreach component that will allow licensed amateur radio operators to utilize the CubeSat in a variety of ways. The beacon will broadcast basic telemetry packets using AX.25 protocol.

The program also has an education and public outreach component based on having amateur radio operators work with pre-college students to track the satellite and decode the beacon using mobile satellite down-link kits. Additionally, the project provides a learning experience for numerous undergraduate students to learn radio techniques. These include:
• communication protocols
• attitude determination methods
• command and control procedures
• receivers, transmitters, and transponders
• antenna theory and design
• sensors to study spacecraft performance
• telemetry protocols • power controls and supplies for use in space
• spacecraft computer architecture and programming
• ground operations – All student operators and engineering team members are required to obtain an individual amateur radio operators license.

Download the free CXBN App called Unbridled Spirit from